Will a Huawei P20 Case Fit A P20 Lite

With so many variations of each phone today, it can often be confusing when purchasing a case.

The Huawei P20 range has 3 different models leaving customers confused as to whether or not their accessories are compatible.

So, without delay, lets get to it: A Huawei P20 case will NOT fit a P20 lite and neither will it fit the P20 Pro.  Each model has a different screen size and camera array and as such requires it’s own case.

Most phone manufacturers now release several versions of each model each year to cater to different budgets and needs. For example, – the Huawei P20 and P30 range have 3 different models each.  Another example is Apple’s iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max line up. 

It’s a very common question asked online: are the cases between devices interchangeable? Most of the time (not all) the answer is no. 

Usually, the models will come in  or 4 different specs with different screen sizes and camera arrays making it impossible to  use a case from another model. 

It can be frustrating finding the perfect case only to find it’s not available for your particular model but do not be tempted to buy it simply because it shares the same model name as your phone because there is a very good chance it will not fit.

So if in doubt, always ensure you choose the correct model for your phone to avoid disappointment.

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