What Type Of Case Will Fit A Google Pixel?

Most people if they have a brand new phone then that also means that you need to have a brand new case. In many ways today, Google Pixel becomes a trend. Their phone may no longer be the fit young upstart now since the Pixel 2 and 3 is out and that they have the most recent version of Pixel 4 in the market.

If you are one of the people that wants to but these smartphones, one of the good news is that there are already a variety of Pixel cases you can get help to protect your handset.

Here are some of the look of the best of the best cases you may have for your Google Pixel. You can choose from different options such as rugged, cheap, wallet type, clear, and thin type of case.

  • MNML Case for the Pixel 4 is one of the best today since this case is for the newest version of a pixel. If you are looking for a thin case, this is no thinner case for the MNML case which comes in at just 0.35 millimeters. This is so thin and it will look and feel like you have no case at all and this does not offer much of drop protection but it will still surely protect you from the day to day scratches. Besides, this case comes in four different color options such as frosted black, matte black, frosted white, and a clear transparent case.
  • Noreve Tradition B Leather case is a quality leather with a plush padded feel that most of the people like. This case belongs to the folio-style wallet case and there is room for a couple of cards like credit cards inside and the cover of this case closes securely with a magnetic stud. Also, there has a plastic shell that holds your Pixel inside, but you will surely find accurate cut-outs for easy access features to the buttons, camera, ports, and the fingerprint sensor. Moreover, you can choose from different variations of colors and styles.
  • The Spigen Liquid air has an excellent thin and light case that creates a form-fitted feature that maintains a slim profile. This type of case for Pixel has a patterned back with an anti-slip matte finish that helps with the grip and it surely utilizes an air cushion technology for having an impact resistance. In addition, this has a slightly raised lip that keeps the display and rear camera of the Pixel safe as well.
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Huawei P50: Can Huawei Overcome the Google Play Hurdle

Huawei phones have been growing steadily in popularity in recent years; the future was looking bright for the Chinese powerhouse. That is until U.S President Donald Trump decided to impost a trade ban between the U.S and China cutting Huawei off from essential software and hardware suppliers.

Despite these sanctions, Huawei continued growing in 2020 to become the worlds largest smartphone retailer. The question on everybody’s lips now is: can Huawei overcome the lack of Google Play Services and reign supreme in such a competitive market. The release of the much anticipated Huawei P50 will be critical in this determination.

What we need to see in the Huawei P50?

There has been no news regarding the P50 yet but its expected to be announced in March of next year as historically this is when Huawei announced its predecessors.

If Huawei are to continue their recent trajectory, the Google Play issue will have to be addressed. This means Huawei will need to either circumvent the issue by heavily investing into their own App Gallery or find some way to reinstate Google Play into their handsets.

Huawei P50 Hardware

Hardware is liklely to be an issue for Huawei also as Samsung and Qualcomm have now pulled their displays and chips from Huawei respectively. This is a major setback as the company will now have to source their displays and chips within China which may lead to quality issues.

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Do People Buy Selfie Sticks For Their Phones Anymore?

Travel, Vlog, and Capture Every View 

It is more necessary for all of you to purchase new phone accessories than to purchase the latest model of your phone. Sometimes, having phone accessories will allow you to do more with your smartphones. It will not limit you, and if you are not comfortable having the additional brought to you by the phone accessories you can easily detach it compared to a phone that has this certain built in specifications. 

Your phones are now considered one of the essential things that an individual can have. We are discriminating against anyone or anything but if we are going to look at how the modern generation works and revolves, technology is always part of it, and keeping a phone in your bag or in your pocket will not consider you trendy but ready rather. Phones are very handy that you can bring it anywhere without a hassle. Through phones, you can connect and reach people. You can explore more about your surroundings, and through the advanced technology in your phones, you can do more in every travel. 

When you are travelling, one of the important things to experience is to appreciate the opportunity given to you to be at peace and to just enjoy your one of a kind travel experience. Travel does not necessarily mean you will go to a super far place, but you are going to somewhere you wished and wanted to go. To have some peace of mind and to escape from the real world, and to create your own world with or without someone. Of course, aside from appreciating you want to keep memories. Aside from keeping in your mind and heart, sometimes you want to capture every moment through your phone, and this is one of the precious things phones can provide. 

Sometimes, it is a hassle when you want to take a photo, especially a “selfie” that will also capture a wide angle or the background, and unfortunately, your arms are not for that. This is the time that a selfie stick is reinvented. There is no definite time when and where this phone accessory started and was introduced because there is some evidence that a 100 year old photo from England captured a somewhat selfie stick-like thing. Nonetheless, the function of this phone accessory is still a big help for travellers, vloggers, and different kinds of people. 

Even though there are so many changes that keep on happening in the world of technology, and there are some innovations that can replace other phone accessories, a selfie stick is still on the trend  and people are kept on buying them because of its easy function and most of them are very affordable for every wallet. 

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Does the iPhone 12 come with AirPods?

Anticipation has been steadily building in the build-up to the release of the new iPhone 12. Rumored to be the biggest change to line up in many years, the new iPhone iteration promises much – but does it promise AirPods, or any headphones for that matter? Well, right now it looks like there will be NO AirPods with the iPhone 12.

Apple has included earbuds with the iPhone since the very first model launched in 2007 way back when the iPhone was just a glorified iPod that made phone calls.

However, this may no longer be the case. In a bid to drive demand for the company’s desirable wireless AirPods, Apple has supposedly decided to curtail the accessories with the iPhone 12.

So, this means there will be no Airpods or any earphones of any kind. This means shelling out another $200 for the privilege of wireless music – a bit much considering the prohibitive cost of iPhones in general.

This is a good time to point out that there are many other (frankly better) options on the market to replace that AirPod shaped hole in your ear. Cambridge Audio Melomania is hands down one of the best earphones we’ve ever tested and is a snip at $80 – less than half the price of AirPods.

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Will a Huawei P20 Case Fit A P20 Lite

With so many variations of each phone today, it can often be confusing when purchasing a case.

The Huawei P20 range has 3 different models leaving customers confused as to whether or not their accessories are compatible.

So, without delay, lets get to it: A Huawei P20 case will NOT fit a P20 lite and neither will it fit the P20 Pro.  Each model has a different screen size and camera array and as such requires it’s own case.

Most phone manufacturers now release several versions of each model each year to cater to different budgets and needs. For example, – the Huawei P20 and P30 range have 3 different models each.  Another example is Apple’s iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max line up. 

It’s a very common question asked online: are the cases between devices interchangeable? Most of the time (not all) the answer is no. 

Usually, the models will come in  or 4 different specs with different screen sizes and camera arrays making it impossible to  use a case from another model. 

It can be frustrating finding the perfect case only to find it’s not available for your particular model but do not be tempted to buy it simply because it shares the same model name as your phone because there is a very good chance it will not fit.

So if in doubt, always ensure you choose the correct model for your phone to avoid disappointment.

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Phone Cases: A Very Smart Investment

Enormous numbers of people have found that more luxurious cases can really aid in protecting your mobile device from getting shattered or fractured. The value of a lavish case actually approaches down to you. Though phone cases are well recognized for undertaking the whole thing they say they can do as well as in shielding phones from almost any problem, not everybody wants this kind of strong guard for such a great price. If you purchase a defensive or tough phone cases, you need to make sure you stay to use it every day.

It is precisely frustrating to purchase your most loved mobile device and just after a day or two, the screen breaks suddenly. In people’s day-to-day lives, all phones have the danger of falling down or sometimes you can lose them. There are unexpected things that you cannot predict from happening.

Whether you’ve plunged your phone in a lavatory or chomped it beneath your automobile tires, there are repair shops that can take a look and offer you a free checkup. Phone covers are very flexible phone accessories which you can used in many ways for altered purposes. For instance, you will use a certain phone cover depending on the color of clothes you are putting on. Say for example, you want to join an exclusive event, for sure you will also need to select a phone cover that will intermingle with the event. Indeed, phone cases will be an outstanding accessory for your phone. It is important that you know some of the advantages of having a phone accessory.

The finest decision you can make is grounded on your peculiar habits and whether your phone device is likely to be in threat more frequently than not. In fact, the regular time from when folks generally purchase their phones to when they damage or break their phone screen is usually about three or four months.

So, if you decide to take your phone fixed with a repair shop, the average time to have it back to you is within 24 hours. To stop your phone from getting broken, you must get a worthy phone cover which will protect the phone from getting damaged. Most phones when you buy them do not emanate with covers, and for this cause, you will need to buy it from phone accessory shops. Hurry up and choose the best phone cover for your mobile device.

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What Matters More: The Look Of The Phone, Or Its Performance?

Mobile devices have become the leading technology used in many countries today. Facebook and YouTube are platforms  used by many people today. The main goal of a mobile phone has vanished beyond the elementary inevitabilities of texting and calling.

In an era where mobile devices started to rule the marketplace, there are diverse prototypes with their own benefits. High definition selfie and rear cameras, greater storage space, and extra memory are just several of the countless features you can enjoy with smartphones. Below are the vital specs that you need to study before purchasing a smartphone:

Read reviews or discuss to people who already purchased the phone you’re attracted to buy. It is also essential to look at the phone design. You are probably looking for the one that can last all day. The major grievance I get from colleagues, friends, and family is that their smartphones are out of battery. If you’re in this cluster, contemplate a mobile device with a long-lasting and fast charging battery. Most Android mobile devices manufacturers give the special chargers and excellent phone design that can provide battery life even if you only half charge it. Or, if you own an iPhone device, consider buying an iPad charger to get more battery life. Whether you want the suppleness of Android or the minimalism of Apple, it’s entirely up to your likings.

Android provides you more mechanism above the apps you want and how your phone line works. You can modify the app launcher, download diverse themes, and even install many apps that don’t ineludibly originate from Google Play Store. On the other hand, iOS springs you a federal foundation for your apps and content. Whether you prefer Android or iOS, each operating system has its own paybacks. Compare to Android phones, files are encumbered to the iPhone using iTunes instead of a standard file explorer. The iOS App Store is also the only supplier of apps that your iPhone will use. This is easier for you to search and add apps to your library.

Likewise, the clock speed concludes how firm your device can operate. The recommended minimum for average users to run their social media apps and make calls without too much trouble is at least 1.84 Ghz. No matter how efficient your operating system is, your phone’s processor must be keep up with it in order to run the phone efficiently. When examining for your phone’s processor, the quantity of cores and the clock rapidity are what you need to lookout for.

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The Ultimate In Class – Marble Phone Cases

Mobile phones have given people a lot of benefits. These devices are not only for personal use but you can also use it for your business so you can easily connect with your workers and customers. No wonder why almost everyone already has a mobile phone even kids. Different accessories are also offered in the market that you can use for your mobile phone like phone cases. 

Why Choose a Marble Phone Case

The thought of having a phone case is not a luxury because you don’t need to buy an expensive one. However, you have to consider various factors when choosing a phone case especially if you are after the protection that it can give to your phone. Phone cases are not made equal because they don’t only differ with the designs and sizes but they also differ with the quality. If you want to make the most out of your money when buying phone case then you should go for a source that could guarantee of giving you the best product.

With a wide selection of phone cases that you can choose from, having marble phone cases can be a good idea for you to enjoy the following benefits. 

– Your mobile phone is exposed to possible damages from day to day. You can accidentally drop your phone that might cause scratches. A marble phone case can protect your phone from such damages which is perfect if you are a careless type of person. 

– Using a marble phone case can be a great way to add style to your phone. There are lots of designs and colors that you can choose from to suit your taste and compatible with your phone.  People nowadays always want to go with the trend for them to fit to the crowd. You can choose a design or color according to your personality. 

– Choosing marble phone cases doesn’t require you to spend much. You can go online and simply look for affordable phone cases that can already meet your expectations. You can also check great deals and offers online so you can save money when looking for a phone case.

It can really be worth your money to buy a phone case if you want to use it for a long period of time. You have to be very responsible in protecting the things you have no matter how expensive or cheap it is.

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How To Choose Bluetooth Earbuds For Your Phone

Listening to the music and any other things on our phones has never been easier in the present times, thanks to the presence of lightweight and easy-to-use earphones that come in a wide variety of forms and sizes. But despite their differences is sizes and forms, they do serve one purpose, and that is to provide you as a smartphone user a better listening experience, as well as an easier and more convenient way of communication, considering the busy lives of the most of us nowadays.

Since technology has been advancing very often, we could see a lot of developments when it comes to earphones as well. Nowadays, we could make use of more lightweight and high-quality earphones that not only provide the best audio quality, but provide the easiest way of use, with no hassle and any other related issues. And one of the most popular earphones with such features right now is none other than the bluetooth earbuds. Read on this article for you to know more about this type of earphone and how to choose the best pair for your phone.

What To Look For In Getting Bluetooth Earbuds

There is no denying that bluetooth earbuds are one of the most popular and sought-after accessories right now among smartphone users. There is a lot of reasons why most smartphone users want to have a pair of these audio accessories, one of which is the great convenience. You can use them anywhere with ease – whether you are hitting the gym, going for a daily commute, or just going outside your home. Gone are the days when you are struggling through the tightly tangled cables of your wired earphones, for these earbuds have no cable at all.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair for your phone, there are certain things that you have to look for in the said type of earphones. First thing for you to consider is the audio quality. It is an audio accessory, so of course, you have to check this first.

Another thing to consider is the battery life. Since these are wireless, they have to hold on its own for a long time. That is why you should choose the pair that is proven to have a long battery life while in use. Lastly, consider its design – it must be comfortable enough for you to wear them for a long time.

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Rugged Phone Cases: The Qualities To Look For

From spills to drops, these factors are one of the few unfortunate events that could ruin your expensive phones or even tablets. If you are one of the people who easily lots the grip your phone and watched it helplessly falling towards the ground, then you already know how important and how crucial protecting your devices can be.

From all the slim cases, hard cases, lightweight cases to rugged phone cases offering the utmost in features and protection of your mobile phones. We all know that protecting our phones from falling into the ground is one of the most must-do especially for all expensive phones we had that is why we have come up for the best phone cases that will surely help you protect your phone.

One of the best cases that will protect your phone when falling is rugged mobile cases and here are some guides and features that will make it easy for you to select the best-rugged phone case features that engage seamlessly with your busy lifestyle.

  • Multiple layers of protection are one of the most must-see features for rugged cases and this has literally multiple protective layers of phone cases. This feature is the best way to ensure that your mobile phones or devices are safe and that they are secure in any circumstances will occur.
  • One of the top features that you will be looking for cases is that if they have waterproofing features and rugged cases surely have it. A rugged case can definitely help protect your phones or any device from water damage of all kinds.
  • Matte finish is another great feature you must know when having a rugged case. This feature will allow you to keep your screen free from any scratches and cracks that no matter where you set your phone down.
  • Though this type of case may seem like super heavy-duty cases, this isn’t true because rugged cases are moderate in weight as long as it is properly constructed – you can get the same benefits of other cases having a lightweight features and that will surely not worry you about carrying it around having a hefty case that weighs your pocket down.
  • One very important feature that you should look for is that the warranties, whether the warranty is only good for a year or months, it is still better and good choice than purchasing a case without any warranty. Take note that if your phone has a warranty, then this means that the manufacturer is very confident in its product to lasts longer than any other product and it will more likely keep your phone safe for the long haul.
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